Services of Mediakos

What we do
Being highly creative, we relish opportunities to show off our talents – as you will see from the client examples later in this document. We give greater importance to requirements-gathering, information design and project management, because getting these foundations right gives a website the best possible chance of success. It’s too easy to work up some cool visuals to get you excited, and then find that they can’t be married to the required functionality.  So we don’t do it.

Website and application development
Your website is now the most critical extension of your brand.  It is therefore vital that it can make the most of the new business opportunities offered by the Web.
Key functionality for integration includes:

enable you to look after day-to-day content changes

keep customers right up to date; special offers; full opt in/out

work first time, every time, regardless of browser

your online store closely integrated with your logistics

customers make no-hassle reservations that don’t get lost

whatever your online ambitions, we will realize them

Every website should be part of a coherent marketing strategy. Key elements of an eBusiness strategy to consider are:

check everything, and then apply the lessons to improvements

who runs the site, do they know and care?

closed loop feedback


User-centered design
Putting the user at the center of the eBusiness strategy is critical to its success. UCD isn’t the fun part of website design, but it’s what enables you – and us - to sleep at night.

Search engine optimization
Mediakos PR applies a number of disciplines to SEO that combine to give your website a sustainable rise through the rankings:

looking at the site’s structure to see if it’s optimized for search engines

checking keyword usage for best practice and content relevance

getting the most out of inbound and outbound links

linking SEO to Google AdWords campaigns

Website maintenance
We know that investment in your website represents significant expenditure; keeping it fresh and working properly is critical to its continued success. Mediakos PR offers a solution for keeping your website fresh and up to date.  The range of services includes:

new graphics, fresh news items, links, etc

excellent value route to improvements

monitor site traffic and campaign activity and effectiveness closely

eliminate broken links and forms scripts

keeps your site on the road to search engine success


Professional hosting
Mediakos PR provides a solution to meet the needs of businesses requiring a reliable hosting package. The combination of high level web facilities such as UNLIMITED web space, UNLIMITED transfer and UNLIMITED mailboxes in addition to many advanced features for advanced task processing means you will be completely equipped to run and maintain a fully scalable site.

The features