About Mediakos

Mediakos PR is a professional Web Design company based in Prishtina. We supply services of web design & development, web application, multimedia, identity and graphic design, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

We support clients improve their appearance, promote their brand and create measurable effects based on features delivered, value delivered and time saved. The combination of profound practice, comprehensive experience and expansive creative vision enables us to create solutions that are innovative, usable and reliable.

Our focus is client satisfaction, where 90% of all our work is based on referrals from our existing client base. We are totally business-focused, so we know how important your web presence is to your organization, whether it’s commercial or non-profit. With over 6 years of industry experience we have learned that great websites don’t happen by chance – they are the result of great design, built on a solid foundation.

How we work
We work with you.  Of course, we will do our best to minimize the input we need from you, so once we have a clear brief, we usually only need content – and we can even help with that if necessary. The project can then get underway smoothly and we will alert you for comment and approval as agreed milestones are reached.

Business focus
Commercial or not, websites are business tools and as such need investment to maintain them at peak performance. Any work undertaken must therefore be based on sound commercial principles.

Total user focus
Understanding your site’s audiences and users enables us to ensure that the site meets their needs and expectations.  If that is achieved, visitors will stay on your site longer – it will become ‘stickier’, like flypaper – and whatever transactions you want them to enter into will be completed with maximum satisfaction, leaving them happy to return another day.

Substance over style
We only recommend work that will ensure your website looks the part – but functions beautifully. Although Mediakos PR is a full-service consultancy, because we are deeply practical, we are experienced in working in a complementary manner with our clients’ own suppliers or in-house teams.